Monday, May 31, 2010

R.I.P. Jiannina Blanco

Damn yo today I was out all day and I got home a couple minutes ago to check my fb and I find out about this? man this just can't be true dawg like it has to be some sort of joke cause i just can't believe that your gonne...I feel like just yesterday you were sitting there with us at lunch =/ This is just to sad man why is it that there's so many friends passing away? I hate the fact that one day I can be with somebody and the next day have them pulled away from my life FOREVER...fuck the bull shit yo real talk, I'm not one to express myself but this is going to hit everyone at blair hard...even though I didn't talk to you a lot you were always a cool person to chill with...R.I.P. Nina were all gonna miss you <3 :(